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Meaning of Memes

By Sarah Kikkert

After reading one of Elise’s posts on Memes and internet “thievery” on the incorporated pictures, I went and looked around at a lot of different memes. Particularly wanted to bring up the Success Kid, a popular child fist-pumping. However, there is a white and a black Success Kid. I find it interesting the different connotations left for each kid…what do you think: http://pinterest.com/kaylacmoser/success-kid/

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Jack White is either insane, or a genius,but probably both

By Sam Erickson

An old friend who was in town visiting this weekend put me on to this article in the New York Times.  If you have into music at all, and even if you are not, this article would be an excellent study break.

Jack White (of White Stripes and Raconteurs fame, among his other bands) is doing some really interesting things with his record company, and it is a record (as in 180g vinyl) company in the truest sense, Third Man Records.  He take on music feels very technologically-agnostic, but also very modern.  It’s interesting to say the least.

Jack White in the New York Times

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Preparing for the Final

By Ryan Santos-Leslie

Just curious as to whether anyone else is worried about the final. I am probably more unsure about this final than I should be. I have a lot of interesting things this semester, but for me everything seems to tie into the essays we have written. With this being said, does anyone else feel like the final should be an essay or a project, rather than an actual exam? 

I’m just curious

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Communication Technology Literally Just Saved My Brother’s Life

By Ryan Santos-Leslie

I was surprised to learn that my younger brother (who is probably older than most of the people in the class, lol!) recently escape a homicide scene a few days ago. Actually I’m not to sure of the date exactly, but it was very very recent.

Apparently he came in town to visit one of his high school friends at his mother’s house. While there he was browsing his facebook and discovered that his friend (the one he was visiting) was having an argument with someone other guy on his page. My brother goes to the other guys page to get an idea of who he is. After getting a very bad feeling about everything that was transpiring, he told his friend that he had to leave to get his daughter. My brother did not really have to leave to get his daughter, but he the vibe he was getting from facebook made him feel unsafe. My brother leaves and literally within minutes of him getting in his car, he hears gunfire. Sadly to say, his friend and his friend’s mother were killed. However my brother got out of that house just in time.

I know this is a sad, chilling story, but among many things I found interesting about this story is that had it not been for my brother’s smartphone and facebook, he may have stayed in that house and may have been there when the gunfire started. I dont know what more to really say about this, but that a part of me is thankful to technology.

I don’t know…what are your thoughts? (Other than the fact that my brother is associating with people like this. Trust me, I’m very disappointed he was there in the first place).